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I have been working with a wonderful local caterer. Already having a love of not just food but the origin and traditions of food, I was hooked. Carmen’s Delicious Catering-her slogan is Art as food, Food as art and she definitely lives up to her slogan.

Every time I visit her, we discuss food, places and most of all passion. Passion is not something that is just a given these days, passion can not be faked and it is easily apparent. Not only does her passion come out in her food and attention to detail but the way she caters to her individual clients.

I have painted two paintings that highlight a wonderful meal for Summer, Fall and Winter and I’m excited to foreshadow spring. Imagine something warm and inviting, spending the day at a lake or a picnic in a field. It seems that every one of the paintings seem to come on their own, both from talking with Carmen and then finally the change and texture of the season.

I look forward to the next image that will be highlighted on this site as well. This is the first debut of a new blog directly from my website and I plan on having a lot of updates and information soon.

What’s coming up? What’s next? I am planning on creating more images and photography of still life for Carmen as the spring approaches and I look forward to adding paintings and photography of several trips I am planning. Please stay tuned and let me know what you think of the new site. I will have a full debut soon with more photography and paintings so stay tuned.



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